“My medium is music, for the most part. My style is indie folk. Along with music, though, I’m an incessant crafter and have incorporated that into what I’m doing with music. I just sell it on the side. I make soap and reusable coffee filters and lip balm and salves and whatever I can to occupy my time.

It depends on the shows that I’m playing. I am writing a lot of my own music. I do play a lot of bar gigs when I’m actually playing shows and do a fair bit of cover music as well. But I do perform my own music.

Over time it’s just picked up more and more momentum. I’m getting to travel farther and wider to a lot of different places.

I started Goshen College in 2006 and finished in 2010. I left Goshen a few times, but I keep coming back. There’s an artist organization I’m connected with called Dandelion Seed Collective. The people of Goshen and the artists that I’m friends with have really kept bringing me back. Goshen, to me, is my family – all around from artists to the community that exists in Goshen.”

Anna p.s. - Goshen Arts Council