“I honestly can’t say what my primary medium is because I love working in a variety of mediums. But in the past few years, I’ve focused a lot on three-dimensional forms of art, specifically ceramics and sculpture.

I do also enjoy working with two-dimensional mediums like charcoal drawings, pen sketches, and, as of recently, tattooing.

A pivotal moment in my life as an artist was coming to college. I’d always considered making art a hobby before, primarily because I was surrounded by people who told me making art would never be a sustainable career path. But since coming here, I’ve been presented with several opportunities to show and sell my art. It’s really affirmed my artistry and boosted my self-confidence to see that the work I create is appreciated and that people are willing to pay for it.

I love that the community of Goshen is so appreciative of the arts. There are so many places around town displaying the work of local artists and so many community endeavors to help encourage local artists to keep creating.

The atmosphere and attitude surrounding the arts in Goshen push me to want to keep creating.

I’m currently in my last year at Goshen College, where I’m enrolled in ceramics and sculpture classes. These will be my primary areas of focus.

I never really have any plans or goals when creating my art. When I’m in the studio, I like to let my creativity take the wheel and create whatever destiny has in store. I love referencing my Mexican heritage through my work, and I hope to create several new pieces that honor my beautiful culture.”