Lindsey Monge

Henna and Coffee

Henna and Coffee is a website where two interesting passions collide. Coffee is well known as a beverage that brings people together. Friends meet over coffee and dates often happen at caf├ęs. Henna (also known as mehndi) is the multicultural temporary body art technique that is sweeping the western hemisphere. A traditional celebratory affair, the art of henna has been essential to cultures for hundreds of years.

Many people would not think to put henna and coffee together, but the thing which connects them both is celebrating togetherness. Whether it may be a coffee catering for an office party, or a henna slumber party for the girls, these fun activities can be enjoyed separately or together. For creative ideas, be sure to email me. I have worked in 5 coffee shops and been doing henna for 14 years. My passion is for bringing people together and I love to educate people about the cultural backgrounds to henna as well.