Greetings: It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to my art work. My name is Valiyapurayil Rajagopalan (aka Raj).

I was born and raised in Kerala, and migrated to the U.S with my family in 1971. The state of Kerala is in the South West of India, was called “Paradise” by Paul Miller in National Geographic, also has been called “God’s own country”, because of it lush green color, coconut palms, paddy fields and the backwaters of the Arabian Sea. All that was what inspired me to paint. However I paint the temples, and scenes from Kerala, and have also moved into scenes from other parts of India, and the Western World too, which include cityscapes and waterscapes. I have held one man shows, and have had some of my paintings in Germany, India and of course in the U.S.