“My medium’s always been music. I moved to the Goshen area 5 years ago. I’ve been involved in various projects going on here in Goshen. My music kinda leans towards Motown music, soul music, acoustic-driven, kinda like Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers. I have a band here in Goshen, Synchrony. We’ve been involved a lot in Goshen. I have another band project called the Chris Collat Project which can be comprised of many different musicians here in the Goshen area. I also do a lot of solo work. Goshen Brewing Company was the first business to take a chance on allowing me to play on their patio when I moved here. Within a week of moving here, I had a show to play.

Chris Collat - Goshen Arts Council

I completed an album about a year or two before I moved here. It took about a year to put that together. It went really well. Also right now I’m working on a project with musicians all over the world, really, started a collaboration virtually. All these musicians were sitting at home, not touring anymore, and they needed something to do and I actually worked on an album with all these folks which I’m hoping to release later on this year.

I’ve always felt supported since I moved here, musically for sure. There’s always been a listening ear in the crowd and that listening ear has told other listening ears to come see me at a future show. The businesses here have been so supportive and I’ve always been appreciative of them. Not only do they appreciate you but they let you know specifically what they like about your music. It took a little while to get connected with the right people when I moved here, in terms of musicians, but now I’ve got a great network I can connect with for pretty much any show that comes at me. There’s so much talent here, not just musically but all art and I love collaborating across mediums.”