“My medium is sketch art, specifically portraits. Right now, I’m focusing on a series of Black Lives Matter victims of police brutality. So, realism and emotion. I use micron pens and pencils and graphite. Those are my preferred medium.

I’ve only fairly recently come back to art, and that has been a formative thing for me. I took a long break, focusing on baking instead of my artwork. But it was meaningful for me to come back and focus on something that actually meant something to me and to have an actual point of view instead of just ‘I’m going to randomly draw a flower today.’ That never felt poignant to me. Having a point of view was very important. It was a breakthrough for me to a whole different level of art.

One of the reasons I’m here in Goshen is the art community is so strong, and so loving, and just there for each other. It’s really wonderful. I’ve just been blown away constantly by the people who, as soon as I get talking about art, are like, ‘Let’s do this!’ and very passionate about it all. That’s very exciting for me!”