“A proud moment for me was a necklace piece that I made. I tried to do a piece at the end of my course that had almost all the techniques that I learned in it. I wanted to make something that was special for me. I actually made two of them that had all those things.

Susan Lenart Kazmer: I’ve been a big fan of hers for a long time because she’s different. I’ve always been a unique person. I don’t like everything like everybody else does and I’ve always searched for things that are different. I always try to be different with my stuff. I finally feel like I’m growing as an artist.

I love doing the art events. We meet so many awesome people. I want to bring something different. I want to share something different. I get that a lot – ‘Oh, I’ve never seen anything like this. These are neat.’ And I love to hear that. I’ve always tried to seek unique things. I hope to bring that to the community.

I love the art community. I love doing events. We’re all like little kids, like show and tell. We get to show and tell our stuff, our story. I love that. It brings everybody together.