“I am an elementary music teacher at Chamberlain Elementary School. I teach kindergarten through fifth-graders how to make music. So we sing, dance, and play, and those are some of the fun things that we do.

One of the things I love about making music is that we can all do it together. Each individual person has an important part in making music. That’s been one of the challenges with the virus with our situation because we can’t do singing right now. We can’t share instruments. Finding unique ways to still make music together as a team – bringing some of that aspect in has been challenging, but also fun. It also provides students with more opportunities to create or compose individually, since they do their work at home after school.

I grew up in Goshen. I went to Bethany Christian High School (Bethany Christian Schools), and then I attended Goshen College for my music ed degree. I just have really enjoyed the community that Goshen has, and part of making music is having that community. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this community and helping other young musicians grow into themselves and become an important part of our community.”