“Filmmaking as an art form is so collaborative. You’ve got the writer, cinematographer, costumer, actors, etc. You have to bring all these talented artists together to create one work of art. And I think that’s what makes it so amazing is because it doesn’t work without all of these different aspects.

I go through phases as far as what I most enjoy doing. I’ve done a lot of writing and story creation, but I also really enjoy living and breathing a character and responding to the world from their perspective. Creative oversight and having a vision for a project is something I’ve done as well, but I think that my favorite is probably acting just because you get to create this thing and live in its skin, and then when the project is done filming, you leave it behind.

Although I had moved to California to pursue acting when I wrote both Sand Castles and The Shade Shepherd, I really had the Goshen area in mind for a setting. Being able to imagine the scenery and the area is key when you’re writing a script, and knowing that we’d be supported and assisted by the awesome creative community here in Goshen was a huge plus.

When it comes to independent filmmaking, film festivals are so important. They are really the only way that a lot of filmmakers get to tell their stories, particularly if it’s short films. I’m so glad to be a part of the River Bend Film Festival as the Programing Director because I get to lift up and highlight so many talented filmmakers and give them a platform for their stories and skills.”