“I use all kinds of mediums. I do everything from wood burning to murals to fabric art to a lot of stuff. I express it with my bright, bold personality and the colors I use. I like to bring happiness and love to the paintings.

I’m probably most proud of the two or three murals that I’ve done, including the mural at The Elephant Bar. I really enjoyed doing the mural at the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart – it’s completely crazy bright bold colors.

I grew up in Chicago doing art that I shouldn’t do (i.e. “street art”). I spent a little time in the work release detention center for that, so I decided I needed to do it more legally. I just kept doing art, and eventually, people noticed.

Goshen Rocks started just by people painting rocks and hiding them all over. It was something fun for the community to do. I do still paint the occasional rock, but I’ve also moved to hiding more art. With the quarantine and no art shows, I’m on my 792nd painting this year, so I’ve got to do something with them. So I just go out and hide them and stash them.

My mom’s family is from here. I moved back here with my mom in ’95. There was no real art community, but as downtown kind of revamped and everything…in my eyes, at least, First Fridays pretty much started the whole art outlook. I stay in Goshen now because it’s a good place to raise my kids, and the community is up and kicking. There are just a lot of cool people in the art world. It’s a pretty tight-knit community.”