“Goshen is a community with a lot of artistic people. We have some friends who are artists. We have Arts on the Millrace. There’s art everywhere.

I don’t ever feel like I’m alone in making art here.

The main thing I like to do is characters. I do fan art of things I like – cartoons and TV shows. I’m interested in a lot of animation.

I draw mostly humanoid characters, but I don’t do many fully human characters. I draw humans with a hint of fantasy.

My usual system is to do a sketch on paper, and then I put it into Procreate on my iPad. If I’m not doing that, I use pencil, ink, and some marker, maybe. More recently, I’ve been working more with some paint.

A turning point for me and my art wasn’t a character but a series I worked on. It was a fan-made series, Irken Outcasts, on YouTube. I got to be a storyboard artist for a while. That introduced me to working with a lot of other artists. I really liked that.

After that project died down, I was like, ‘I need a little break from big things,’ and I started high school, as well. I still draw, but it’s mostly doodles or things for myself. I have been working on my characters more and taking art classes in high school.

I’d already known most of the things we went over in art class this year, but I did get to examine some more things closely. We worked on some realism, which I don’t do, and we also did some painting. I’ve gotten into painting more because of the class.

I do think I want to do more things with my art. I’m still figuring out where I want to go with it specifically and what I want to do. But I do want to do more with art in the future.”

Magdalena Bridger-Ulloa • Goshen Arts Council
Magdalena Bridger-Ulloa • Goshen Arts Council
Magdalena Bridger-Ulloa • Goshen Arts Council