“I love Goshen. In Goshen, people are aware of art. Where I’m from, nobody cares. They don’t know. When you talk about art, people have no idea what you’re talking about. They just think that art is realistic portraits. They don’t know anything else. Here, people know about art and there are artists everywhere. I love this.

I usually work with acrylics. I like to do layers on top of layers. Just layers, layers, layers. I was doing research and I found all of this information and I was like, ‘I wanna try this, I can do this.’ I started developing different skills by myself.

I like to do fluid acrylics. When you blow on them the paint mixes together and you get these layers of paint you don’t usually get with other mediums. I like to blow it with a straw and make a design with it and it shows movement. I like to make flowers with this technique; It’s almost like airbrushing but I use my mouth to blow through a straw to do it. I had this big piece with a lot of flowers on it. It took me almost a week to make those flowers because I had to do one at a time – wait for it to dry and then do another layer. And the piece was big, so I almost fainted because of all the blowing.

A lot of us have been affected by the pandemic. First of all, my kids are at home now so I don’t get time for myself to do my work. That’s when I normally create. But now the kids are at home so I have to take care of them. Marketing right now is also suffering because people just aren’t buying art like they were.”