“I use high-fire clay. I’m currently very interested in using brown clay with porcelain slip. It’s been said my style looks as if I’m using the lathe but with clay. I think I’m inspired a lot by Islamic ceramics and architecture and things from the Middle East. I like things that take a lot of time and effort. My pieces are often bulbous and have lots of curves to them.

I grew up here. I didn’t get to choose to move here, but I’m glad that I am here because the community is very welcoming. Everyone is very open and willing to share tips and tricks and help you figure out a tough problem you’re just not able to solve on your own and share recipes. People are very open to community firings, which is wonderful, too, because it’s hard to acquire all of the instruments or equipment needed to make pottery. It’s really nice as a young potter who’s trying to make ends meet to be able to use the resources of this community.

I’ve been lucky to participate in the pottery tour two years in a row. It’s really special to be able to see all of these people come out and be excited about the art and the pottery that’s both coming out of here and people being excited to see special artists who live as far away as Canada. It’s such a good opportunity for Goshen people to see what’s going on in the ceramics world, both near and far. It’s also such a good community event, and it brings so many people together, so I really appreciate it. This year it’s going to be online, and the pros of that are that you don’t have to travel to get here. People who are far away can just click a button, and they’re here! So hopefully, people will take advantage of that. It’s new, and it’s scary, and we’ll see what happens. But I’m sure whatever happens, the community will be there to support each other.”